Research Task 9 – Brighton study trip sketches

Quick sketches I made whilst out in Brighton:


Man playing public piano in station.


Welcome to Brighton sign in station.drawing-2

Sketch of city linedrawing-3

sketch of buildling roof line.drawing-5

Pier silhouette, shoes hanging from line of lights, shaped windows on a tall building.


Research Task 9 – Brighton study trip photos

Photo’s I took in Brighton

Research Task 5: study trip

During the study trip to Brighton for the photo Biennial, I personally didn’t find much inspiration from the photography, mostly because I am more interested by hand made artwork, being an Illustration student. However, I found some of the concepts of the photography, or reasoning behind the pieces intriguing.

Whilst walking through Brighton from one place to another I saw a lot of street art which caught my eye as something I found amazing and inspirational, especially admiring the scale the artwork has been done on.

Below are some photographs I took during the exhibition and throughout Brighton, I have also included my own interpretations / thoughts of each piece.


Photograph info: Dom Nicolau, from the series Diaspora, 2014, courtesy Galerie Magnin-A, Paris.

To me, this is a photograph representing the fact somebody can be anything they choose to be, shown by the contrast between the aristocratic clothing and background and the more common football and football boots.


I didn’t understand this piece at first, but after having it explained, found the concept really interesting. The piece is of a bus stop roll-over poster frame. It’s something seen often in every day life and, had there been an image on the piece it would have been immediately recognisable, but the fact that it is not once the image is removed is proof that even things that are seen regularly are never truly seen, instead the poster is viewed and the frame holding it ignored, though both are a form of art.


Again, I at first didn’t take much notice of these photographs until their backstory was explained and then I took an interest in them. The photographs represent the struggles of a black man in Russia, discriminated against by those with white skin, as can be seen by the hostility in the middle image. The framing of the images as well as scale and fashion has been carefully considered to have the biggest impact in all of these photographs.


This photograph was found around Brighton rather than at one of the University Campuses the previous images were seen at. I personally found the small exhibition we found outside to be of more interest as the subject matter was easily understandable and relatable and the colours of each image made them stand out beside each other. The above image I like because of it’s sense of depth, almost appearing as though you are looking through a window in a hut rather than at a photograph.



Some examples of the street art we came across. The scale these are done on amazes me, as I personally prefer to work on a smaller A4 scale. The designs chosen and the colours are all those that work with each other to create the biggest impact and immediately draw in the attention of passers by.


Perspective is important when viewing art of a large scale, at the time of taking this photo I didn’t realise the ‘lines’ were a stick figure, instead thinking they were lines of a pattern or even typography. It was only later when reviewing the photo I had taken that I realised the lines made up a stick figure and a shadow. I see this image as a subtle visual representation for the warning “smoking kills” as the figure clearly has a cigarette whilst his shadow is grey (lifeless) and has a halo above his head.

For me, the street art was the most inspiring part of the trip to Brighton, though I enjoyed the whole experience.