4th October 2017 – Brands and Consumer Society

No Logo Documentary – Naomi Klein

My notes from an extract of the documentary:

The term ‘brand’ comes from branding cattle, something done to make ownership clear and allow farmers to easily differentiate their own cattle from others.

Mascot images on brands were originally used as surrogates for the relationship between the consumer and shop keeper / farmer / supplier. After the invention of mass production, products were made far away rather than, as previously, by a local, known source (e.g. farmer). The mascots were created to replace the relationships, acting as a sort of friend in order to restore trust in products.

Adverts generally aim to sell an idea rather than a product.

Nike wanted their brand to be about sport rather than fashion and used adverts to encourage this idea in consumers in order to get the brand image they wanted.

Starbucks advertises a community, giving a 3rd place, that is neither home nor work, for people to meet and socialise.



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