Task 1 – Images: Context & Meaning

Task: To find examples of images / objects that relate to the chosen terms, with a short description of the image and how they relate to the given word.



Rolls of artificial grass

The term ‘artificial’ refers to things made or produced by humans rather than occuring naturally, generally copies of natural things.

Artifiial Grass is an example of this. Originally it was created for the purpose of useage in sports grounds as it requires less maintenance, is more hard-wearing and rain doesn’t give the issue of mud. It’s since become more popular for usage in personal gardens, especially for those unable to take care of a real grass lawn. Artificial Grass is made to serve the same purpose as grass but modified to be more hard-wearing and easier to maintain.

(Image source: http://www.advancedgrass.com/artificial-grass-suppliers/ )



Image result for crowd of people

The term ‘unique’ refers to something that is the only one of it’s kind / unlike anything else.

The image depicts a crowd of people, this is a good illustration of the word ‘unique’ as every person in the image is unique, each coming from different backgrounds, families, personal lives, each having different appearances and different personalities, making every single person unique.

(Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamescridland/613445810 )



The term ‘hand-crafted’ refers to something made by hand with skill rather than made by a machine.

The example image I have used is a hand-crafted birthday card. These are popular as they are both a hobby enjoyed by many, and well received as they are more personal to the sender and recipient than a typical shop brought card would be.

(Image sorce: http://acraftycat.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Wetlands )




Image result for birthday card racks

The term ‘manufactured’ refers to items made through manual labor or with machinery, typically on a large scale.

The image shows a collection of greetings cards in a shop, all of which are manufactured. The cards need to be distributed from the supplier to the recipient (shops in this case) with both speed and quantity which means methods which create on a large scale are the most appropriate, as is the case with most large businesses, whereas smaller, personal business’s are more likely to be selling hand-crafted items.

(Image source: http://theagingofaquarius.com/ag_blog/kid-walks-into-a-greeting-card-store/ )