Physical Appearance and Identity

People express their identity in many ways. One of the biggest ways is through their physical appearance.

There are many ways in which ones physical appearance can be altered, some of the most common include: make-up, tattoos, accessories, clothing, hairstyles and piercings.

There are also more extreme methods of modifying appearance to reflect identity, such as surgery, including plastic and transition surgery.

In addition to changes to appearance brought about by choice, there are those that occur in other ways, such as scars, disabilities or weight change.

There are many reasons people may change their physical appearance. These include; cultural (for example, neck rings); fashion reasons which may also be due to wanting to fit in with the crowd, opposing this the changes may take place due to a want to be seen as individual, or even simply because someone is unhappy with part of or all of their appearance.

As our physical appearance is what people see and use to judge us, our identities are shown through what we wear and how we choose to alter our appearance to best represent how we see ourselves in terms of identity and how we wish to be seen.

identity mind map.jpg