Research Task 6 part 2 – Gogglebox

I personally thought those on Gogglebox seemed exaggerated, reacting in ways which would not be considered the norm when watching television, making the program feel scripted and, for me, hard to connect with for the most part.

I watched:

Example of viewers responding critically to the viewing:

Examples of families criticising the program they are watching, due to content or mistakes made.


“999: What’s your emergency” (22:31 – 22:45)

Son left: I’m amazed they’re filming it you know

Dad: Well, they didn’t show her dying, she she –

Son right: – Yeah but even then the death has happened –

Son left: – Yeah but even then they’re witnessing someone realising his wife

Dad: – Yeah –

Son left: – Has died for the first time

Dad: They’re raw emotions aren’t they

X-Factor (34:40 – 34:44)


Wife: Elequently? Doesn’t he mean EleGANTly

Husband: Yes

Example of viewers discussing understanding of the viewing:

Discussion as a way to further understanding of the program or to show off knowledge to the one they are watching it with.

Richard Hammond Builds a Planet: (10:17 – 10:22)family-3

Man 1: “That’s not real is it ? He’s not actually on that tower, is he?”

Man 2: “I dunno, his hair blew.”

Richard Hammond Builds a Planet: (10:51 – 11:13)family-4

Man 1: Hmm. If you get beyond Earth and start getting into, open space…Earth’s gravity has less effect then. They’ve got to get them further away.

Man 2: Well it’s proportional to the reciprical of the square of the distance for the-of you to the center of the Earth.

Example of viewers disagreeing with what they are viewing or each other:

Example of argument caused by misplacement of the remote: a common disagreement with families watching TV together: where the remote is or who gets it.

12:10 – 12:30family-5

Daughter: Who’s got the controller? None of us?

Mum: er

Daughter: Dad where’s the remote?

Mum: Well you’ve gotta have it

Dad: (interrupts) Alex, where’s the remote?

Daughter: Mum, where’s the remote?

Mum: oh for god’s sake Louie where’s the remote?

Daughter: Where’s the remote Louie?

Mum: Where is the remote?

Son: I don’t know

Daughter: (moving cushions on sofa) There’s so many God damn pillows

Son: I don’t know where the remote is

Dad: Oh I’ve got it, I’m sorry.

Mum: Oh Andy, for God’s sake

Dad: Laughs

Do I identify with any of the viewers, if so why?

I personally identify with the Siddiqui family who chatted little meaning they were able to watch the program, using conversation as a way to question and improve their understanding, or to make fun of the program together.

“X-Factor” (30:53 – 31:00)family-6

Son 1: What would you do if  a giant x actually hit the Earth?

Son 2: If you got hit by a giant X you’d die

Dad: You’d be x-terminated


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