Research Task 4: Contemporary Fordism

Here are two examples of contemporary Fordism: someone elses experience of contemporary fordist production and my own experience of contemporary fordist consumption.


Contemporary Fordist Production:



Contemporary Fordist consumption:

When calling a store or company you are greeted with the standard reply that consists of a greeting, introduction and polite question. It generally is said in this format:

“Hello, this is (name), from (store name) in (location), how can I help?”

The greeting is polite and gives the caller a welcome feeling, the introduction informs the caller of who they are speaking to which means if they have any problems or wish to call back and talk to the same person they can ask for the employee by name, the store name and location lets the caller know where they have called and gives them a chance to immediately know they have dialed the wrong number if the store is not the one they wanted to call. And finally, the polite question is an opening for the caller to begin speaking and start the conversation.


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