11th October – Pre-Industrial Revolution life

Pre-Industrial Revolution 18th C:

Homes had no running water or electricity, meaning water was carried from wells to be used, and lighting and heat came from fires, candles or oil lamps. As oil was expensive, the people lived lives that were more conforming to daylight hours as little could be done in the evenings.

Depending on the class you lived in, you may have had to live in a single room where everything would have been located (e.g. kitchen, bedroom etc) and everyone would have lived together. In the 18th C, entertainment for children may have come from hand made toys, exploring / walking, sowing, reading or even theater trips / sports.

Shopping would be acquired from individual shops or people, rather than from supermarkets. e.g. bread from a bakers, furniture from a carpenters, clothes either handmade or from a tailor. Also, communication would have been done by letters, messengers or occasionally pigeons. This means communication was delayed rather than the instantaneous communication we are used to today with technology. In terms of travel, people would have either gone by foot, on horseback or by horse and carriage

My knowledge of what life may have been like in this time period mostly comes from books, films, history lessons in school and TV shows about modern day people attempting to live as though in the 18th C.


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