Glossary of terms


An ongoing glossary of new / useful terms for CASS:

Anchorage – action of securing something to a base or the state of being secured. e.g. text anchoring the meaning of a poster.

Assemblage – Bringing together unrelated objects to make sculpture.

Automatism – Doing things without conscious thought or intentions.

Avant-Garde – new and experimental ideas and methods in art, music or literature

Brand Loyalty – Tendency of some consumers to continue buying the same brand rather than competing brands

Bricolage – Construction or creation from a diverse range of available things.

Celebrity Endorsement – advertising campaign / marketing strategy involving celebrities or well-known people and using their social status or fame to help promote a product, service or raise awareness

Chromolithography – Method of making multi-colour prints.

Collage – Disassembling material / images / text by cutting it up to make something new when put back.

Constructivism – Style or movement in which assorted mechanical objects are combined into abstract mobile structural forms. Movement started in early 1920’s Russia. Influenced aspects of modern architecture and design.

Cubo-Futurism -Main school of painting and sculpture practiced by the Russian Futurists.

Curator – A keeper or Custodian of a museum or other collection

Dada – Deliberately has a non-fixed meaning, the word coming from baby talk as a nonsensical word intended to be non-definable.

Dadaism – Art movement of European avant-garde in early 20th C.

Derive – to base a concept on an extension or modification of another concept

De Stjil – Used to refer to body of work from 1917 to 1931 founded in the Netherlands

Detournment -An artistic practice conceived by the Situationists for transforming artworks by creatively disfiguring them.

Digital Natives – Those who’ve grown up with technology

Double-Coded – Having more than one meaning

Flaneur – a man who saunters around observing society

Futurism – concern with events and trends of he future, or which anticipate the future. Artistic movement started in 1909 Italy, strongly rejecting traditional forms and embracing modern technology.

Guerrilla Advertising – promotion of services or products in an unconventional way with little spent budget

Interpolation – estimation of a value based on extending a known sequence of values or facts beyond that which is known

Irrationality – Illogical or unreasonable.

Juxtaposition – putting two things together for a 3rd meaning.

Lithography – Process of printing from a treated flat surface that will repel ink except when required for printing

Mass media – media addressing a large audience. It is a feature of contemporary life.

Media – plural form of media, method or means by which a message is conveyed.

Medium – meaning middle. A tool, channel or process of communication between a thing and representation.

Mobbing – Crowding in an unruly way

Montage – cutting images and reassembling.

phsychogeography – an approach to geography with emphasis on playfulness and drifting around urban environments. Has links to the Situationist International.

Portmanteau – a word blending the sounds and combining the meaning of two other words (e.g. Brunch / motel)

Precis – A summary (include context of piece, purpose, writer)

Propaganda – Information of a biased or misleading nature intended to promote a political cause or point of view.

Rationality – Logical or reasonable.

Readymade – Using existing objects as something else.

Rhetoric – effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially exploitation of figures of speech and other compositional techniques. Often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content.

Sachplaket – Early style of poster originating in Germany in 1900’s, started by Lucian Bernhard of Berlin in 1906

Semiotics – study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation

Serendipity – when good things happen without intent. Chance encounter with positivity.

Situationism – Theory that human behavior is determined by surrounding circumstance rather than personal qualities. Also a revolutionary political theory which regards modern industrial society as being inevitably oppressive and exploitative.

Subvertising – portmanteau of subvert and advertising. Making spoofs / parodies of corporate and political advertisements. May take form of new image or alteration of existing image, often in satirical manner.

Supremativism – Russian abstract art movement started 1915, characterised by simple geometrical shapes and associated with ideas of spiritual purity.

Surrealism – 20th C avant-garde movement i art and literature, sought to release creative potential of unconscious mind, e.g. by irrational juxtaposition of images.

Ubiquitous – present, appearing, or found everywhere

Urban Exploration – exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or components of the man-made environment rarely seen.

Urban Sketching – global community of artists that practice drawing on locations in cities, towns and villages they live in or travel to.

Visual Rhetoric – fairly recent development of theoretical framework describing how visual images communicate.



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