Rick Riordan – author



Being someone who both loves mythology and reading fiction books, Rick Riordan is easily my favourite author. He writes in a way that is both factual and fictional, telling you all about the myths and the creatures or characters within them but in a fictional way, from the point of view of someone as new to the world as many readers may be, making his books a great place to start getting into mythology as you can learn alongside the main character Percy Jackson.

One of the most intriguing things about his writing style is that whilst telling the story the characters are interacting with the audience by speaking directly to them during the story telling by asking rhetorical questions: “Am I a troubled kid?Yeah. You could say that.” or explaining: “A word about my Mother before you meet her…” which makes you feel part of the story world and as though you know the characters on a personal level. Often I find books that try to directly interact with the audience can ruin the experience of feeling immersed in the story, but I don’t think this is the case with Rick Riordan’s stories as he writes them well and in a way that both interacts and allows the reader to sit and enjoy story immersion.


(reference taken from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, pages 1 and 29)

(photo from: http://www.percyjacksonmovies.com/rick-riordans-blog-a-good-news-roundup-6466/ )


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