Interactive illustrations



For this current project I’m working on, I’ve focused a lot on interactivity. I’ve explored various methods of engaging the viewer with my work, those have included flaps to lift, movable pieces, pop-up illustrations and several other interactive features. By far the hardest piece to do was the sliding image (pictured above) but this is also one of my favourites. It works by drawing two separate images and dividing them into alternating strips which are then placed on the same piece of paper with a tab attached to pull. Viewing strips are then cut into a new piece of paper with the illustrations placed underneath so the illustrations show through the viewing strips. As the tab is pulled or pushed, the illustration changes.

I’ve never done anything like this before and I faced a lot of problems with ensuring the strips were all exactly the same size and shape. This piece was part of a larger interactive piece of artwork but was easily one of the favourites for those who looked at it and often received reactions of surprise. I feel this type of interactivity is the traditional variation of digital slideshows.


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