Chris Riddell – artist


Chris Riddell is a children’s book illustrator and political cartoonist for the Observer. In 2015 he was appointed UK children’s Laureate.

Ridell works traditionally, whether he’s sketching or colouring an illustration although many of his illustrations are black and white. In terms of what mediums he uses, Riddell sketches his illustrations using pencil and then inks over the lines with a brush before, if necessary, adding colour which is usually blue and yellow. When he doesn’t use colour, Riddell uses crosshathing and  Mark making to add shade and texture to the illustrations.

Text and art are often combined or closely related in Riddell’s work and some examples can be seen from some of his sketchbook drawings here: . As well as this, he uses he sketchbooks as a place for more than just drawings, adding text, labels and diagrams to them as well and carefully considering the layout of each page which makes it aesthetically pleasing to view.

I personally find his sketchbook layout inspiring as it’s methodical and neatly laid out which is something I would like to work on with my own sketchbooks.


(image found: )


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