Mark Anstee – artist talk


During a talk I attended by Mark Anstee I learnt a lot about his style of art and method of creation as well as some other interesting things about art.

Mark does a lot of work outside on location, one of his projects which he told us about that I found particularly inspiring was when he spent a year drawing around Stonehenge, each day drawing from a different angle to gather a 360 detailed understanding of the monument. Following this he used the reference images he’d created to make a larger drawing. His dedication to the topic caught my attention most as, whilst this is a task that could have quickly become tedious, he followed through with it and completed it as planned.

A common theme I saw in his work was deterioration, creation and destruction. As well as following the same themes, he likes to roleplay when working on projects as a way to feel more engaged with the piece he’s working on and encourage himself to consider and understand it in a more in depth and personal way.

Something interesting he mentioned was colour allegiance, and that everyone subconciously supports a colour, the most obvious example is from his work when he used blue and red figures to symbolise an army and prove that everyone supports a colour. I found this interesting as I often focus on or consider colour and its connotations when creating art myself and consider how people may relate to or view a character or images depending on the colours used.


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