Robert Sabuda – artist

Robert Sabuda

Robert Sabuda is an American illustrator, pop-up artist and paper engineer who works in the field of children’s books. He grew up in Pinckney (southeastern Michigan) with reading being a key part of his childhood. Sabuda, as most children do, experimented with paper a lot, cutting and sticking it to create various things, after he discovered pop-up books Sabuda used his skills with paper and the books as reference to create his own pop-ups.

As an adult Sabuda began working in the area of illustration, firstly illustration the works of others and then progressing to writing his own stories and illustrating them himself. Recalling his passion for pop-up art, Sabuda used his old books to teach himself more pop-up skills which he then improved, eventually becoming one of the leading pop-up artists in the children’s book industry.

Sabuda’s work is inspiring in the way the art and story compliment each other whilst working as individual pieces. The pop-up art is intricate and appears like a small 3D world, bringing the story to life in ways other pop-up art I’ve seen haven’t done. The intricate level of the pop-ups add a level of interactivity to the books even though they’re not physically engaged with, as the reader can see the visual of the story as though they are part of it themselves, which is a good way of keeping younger children engaged in a story whilst also appealing to older children which makes his books good ones to read as bedtime stories in families with multiple children who will, most likely, be of different ages.


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