Avengers Age of Ultron – film


(Warning: this post contains spoilers of the Avengers Assemble and Avengers Age of Ultron films)

Marvel’s film “Avengrs Age of Ultron” was, in my opinion, a good film. Whilst I preferred the action and characters of the Avengers Assemble film the second film was appealing in other ways. The first film focused on getting the Avengers together and their relationships with one another, only a little focus placed on their backgrounds (possibly due to the fact that most of the characters have their own films dedicated to showing how they became who they are).

Avengers Age of Ultron introduced some new characters who we got to see develop throughout the film, as well as reintroducing the old cast and exploring them in a more personal in depth way, especially Hawkeye who we didn’t really know a lot about in the other films he appeared in.

One thing I didn’t like about the film was the character Vision, not because of the character or actor, but because, to me, he didn’t seem to be a necessary character. Yes, he had a few major roles, but they could have been done by any of the other Avengers and he wasn’t really explored in terms of conciousness and personality in the way Ultron was (probably because he had less screen time and didn’t appear until late in the movie) which made him a character that couldn’t really be related to, instead seeming like a kind of higher being.

In my own work, whether it’s writing or art, my favourite part is creating the characters, giving them names and appearances is just the first step. To make a relatable character that people will connect to and like, I feel you need to also consider personality, how they interact with others, future goals, status, and, most importantly, their history—the most interesting characters I’ve comes cross are the ones with in depth pasts. In Avenges Age of Ultron I liked the exploration of these pasts as it made the characters, despite all of their superhuman / God powers, seem human and ordinary and believable. Characters I hadn’t been sure about in the first film I now like having seen the second film and would actively want to watch films dedicated to that character which is important, not just for fans to engage, but for the filmmakers to have increased interest in their characters.

so as a conclusion: the film was great and the way it explored characters was inspiring to me and I want to find better ways of making my art characters appear to have a history despite being static characters on a page.


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