Izanagi Aadi – artist

Izanagi AadiIzanagi Aadi is a hobbyist artist from India who works in traditional media, mostly pencil, and has created several 3D anamorphic drawings. His work is one of the main reasons I became interested in Anamorphic art and it is something I plan on trying for myself in the near future. Another thing he does which is unusual but inspiring is negative art, where he colours his images in the negative and then uses a camera / computer effect to invert the image to show the intended colours. As well as using styles which are new and intriguing to me, he also works in the manga style which allows me to use his work as reference to help me improve my own as I have better understanding of how he created his artwork.


(Drawing belongs to Izanagi Aadi, found: http://iza-nagi.deviantart.com/art/Kaneki-Ken-3D-DRAWING-ON-PAPER-524913652)


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