Laovaan – artist

LaovaanLaovaan is a German art student who works in traditional media. His favoured medium is watercolour paints but he lists ink, marker pens and pencil among the materials he generally uses. If I had to choose one thing I really liked about his work it would be how he does the hair on characters, keeping to the anime style but giving a layered semi-realistic look which is something I often struggle to achieve. As well as having a DeviantArt page to showcase his work ( he keeps a YouTube channel ( on which he shows the process of creating his artwork which I find helpful as a resource to use when trying to use similar mediums to him or understand how to do something (e.g. Colouring skin etc.). The fact he works in a style similar to my own makes him more of an inspiration to me as I can use his artwork as reference to improve my own work as well as draw inspiration from it.


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Nicole Rebbert (Quelchii)

QuelchiiNicole Rebbert is a German hobbyist artist who generally works with traditional media. She uses a combination of mediums to create her artwork, usually coloured pencil, Copic Ciao marker pens and ink. Her work, though done using traditional methods, resembles digital art which, I feel, is an effect that looks highly professional and takes a lot of skill.
She mostly draws people, often from films (e.g. Marvel films, Pirates of the Caribbean).
I came across her art on DeviantArt where she uses the username “Quelchii”, and was inspired by her art as it is done in similar mediums to what I use and has a highly realistic appearance which is a style of art I enjoy working in from time to time.

View her artwork here:


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