Yuko Rai

Yuko Rai

Yuko Rai is another Japanese artist. She is based in Tokyo as an illustrator and her work focuses on character rather than background — something I both relate to in my own work and find appealing.

Some of her most interesting pieces, in my opinion, are the illustrations of ordinary everyday scenes, e.g: a family talking whilst eating around a table; a woman playing with a cat in her front room; a man having his hair cut at a hairdressers or barbers. These are all things so ordinary that you don’t immediately think of turning them into art and so they make you stop and really look at the artwork because it is both ordinary and yet unusual.

Another aspect of Rai’s artwork that I like is the way that a lot of the objects of the art are positioned—not looking directly at the viewer or ‘camera’. This, alongside the natural at,psphere and image eyeline, makes you feel as though you are looking at a scene from within the scene itself rather than at an image of the scene from the outside which makes the artwork captivating to view.


(art belongs to Yuko Rai, found: http://www.artisticmoods.com/yuko-rai/)


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