Sanada Teruo

Sanada Teruo

Sanada Teruo is a Japanese manga artist who’s work is done in a vintage manga style.

The most notable feature of his artwork is the eyes on his characters, whilst the style he works in uses little of the typical manga shading (as far as I can tell it is only used occasionally in backgrounds), the eyes on his main character are almost entirely filled im black making them the most noticeable feature. The eyes are also large even by manga standards and, in my opinion, resemble dolls eyes which give a fairly odd look to the character which I don’t personally like.

What I do like about the arts so her act that, to me, the style resembles a mix between eastern manga and typical western childrens illustration styles which makes for interesting artwork, although this isn’t something I’m, personally interested in replicating myself I can see how it appeals to others.


(art belongs to Sanada Teruo, image found:


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