Nuriko-Kun – Artist


*(Disclaimer: I do not own the artwork shown here, it belongs to Nuriko-Kun whose DeviantArt page can be found here:*

Nuriko-kun is an artist I discovered on DevianArt who works digitally in then manga / anime style. She works alongside her partner Bassara to create characters and storylines for a manga they are working towards creating together called Parashi.

Her art style is very professional and, when aI first saw it, I believed it was fanart from an existing anime because of the quality of her work and the style that she works in.

I find her use of lighting fascinating as she ued shade and highlights to work with the scenery, even suceeding in replicating sunlight through leaves in one image.

Each character is interesting in their own way, whether through body language, position or clothing and accessories, all of which work to tell the viewer a little about the character, whether it’s their personality, status, role in the manga or lifestyle. This all works to tell stories without words or any information given besides the art of the character or scene, which is a very important aspect of manga art as there is limited space for text and the storytelling relies mostly on the artwork.


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