B-AGT – artist

* (disclaimer: I do not own the artwork shown here, these belong to B-AGT, whose DeviantArt page can be found here: http://b-agt.deviantart.com ) *


B-AGT is a German artist I came across on DeviantArt.com and who has been a big inspiration to me. They do art as a hobby rather than as a professional artist or an art student.

B-AGT generally works in the format of fan art of existing characters, often from the Final Fantasy games or disney animated films, such as, Tangled. In terms of media, they use tonal pencil on some drawings, watercolour paint on others and sometimes a combination of the two, mostly working on 150gsm A4 paper, the results are always incredible and realistic.

It was after seeing their work that I began to experiment with working tonally and discovered that I actually enjoyed working in the semi-realistic way on occasion, and now I try to incorporate some level of realism into my art, often through shading or smaller detail.

I admire their skill and often, when I find myself at a dead end, look at their work for inspiration for my own art.


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