Masashi Kishimoto – artist

imageKishimoto is the author and artist of the famous manga Naruto. He is Japanese and grew up admiring other manga artists and improving his art skills by drawing from the work of those he admired.

Kishimoto uses Copic markers pens when he creates coloured artwork, and it’s from looking at his Naruto illustration book in which the images are coloured in these pens that I was inspired to try Promarker Pens – now one of my favourite mediums – to try and replicate the smooth blends and bold colours.

Kishimoto is the artist I am most inspired by, both because of his artwork and because of his dedication to his style, continuing with his work despite several rejections and multiple set-backs which I find very admiring, as well as the fact that he started out drawing by copying from existing artwork in front of him which is the same method I used to learn to draw and imrpove my skills until I could create my own artwork in my own individual developed style.


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