Marvel’s Thor film


“Thor” is one of my favourite movies for a few reasons. My fascination with mythology, especially Norse, being one of them. I love the way the characters are portrayed, and how the ‘bad guy’, Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) is shows to have a past and a reason for what he does to get revenge on his brother Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth). Loki is both my favourite character in the film and the God in Norse Mythology that I’m most interested in.

I often find that Loki is misrepresented in many things about Norse Myhology. He is often said to be evil and the villain of the sTories, but whilst he has three titles “God of mischief”, “God of chaos” and “God of lies”, not one of those suggests to me that he is evil, which is one reason why the Marvel representation of Loki appeals to me: his deterioration into darkness and the reason for it are all shown on screen.

To me, the backstory of a character is one of the most important things about them, it’s what shapes them into who they are, I always try to consider that when I make my own characters, whether in art or in stories, so it’s nice to see it done so well in a movie I both love and find very inspirational.


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