Colour inspiration

One of the most overlooked things about the world around us, I think, are it’s colours. I never really thought much about it until I heard a conversation about colourblind artists, and it made me think. One of the most appealing things about art, to me, is it’s colours. I like work with bold colour, not necessarily bright, but bold and clear rather than faded and pale. Although this does conteast my love of manga, typically read in black and white, but I find the use of grayscale and markmaking appealing in place of the colour in the images as it allows your mind to fill in colours yourself based on the different Gray tones used.

My favourite time of day is evening because of the colours of the sky at sunset and dusk. I find it fascinating to watch the sunset and how it changes the colours in the sky gradually, and how no two sun sets are ever the same. Whilst I don’t particularly enjoy drawing or painting landscapes or scenes from the world around me, preferring fantasy and imaginative illustrations, I draw a lot of inspiration from the colours and tones I see in the world and in art.


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