B-AGT – artist

* (disclaimer: I do not own the artwork shown here, these belong to B-AGT, whose DeviantArt page can be found here: http://b-agt.deviantart.com ) *


B-AGT is a German artist I came across on DeviantArt.com and who has been a big inspiration to me. They do art as a hobby rather than as a professional artist or an art student.

B-AGT generally works in the format of fan art of existing characters, often from the Final Fantasy games or disney animated films, such as, Tangled. In terms of media, they use tonal pencil on some drawings, watercolour paint on others and sometimes a combination of the two, mostly working on 150gsm A4 paper, the results are always incredible and realistic.

It was after seeing their work that I began to experiment with working tonally and discovered that I actually enjoyed working in the semi-realistic way on occasion, and now I try to incorporate some level of realism into my art, often through shading or smaller detail.

I admire their skill and often, when I find myself at a dead end, look at their work for inspiration for my own art.


Papercutting method

i was inspired to attempt Papercutting when I came across the papercut artist Rob Ryan online. He uses a combination of text and image in his work to give a ‘storytelling’ element.

The intricate paper cuts he produces are inspiring and incredible to look at, each one clearly taking a lot of time and patience.

I have worked in the papercut method several times, although in a much simpler way, and have a lot of respect for how much effort Ryan’s work takes him with how fiddly it is.

Ryan is an inspiration to me, in both method and his use of storytelling in art which is one of my favourite things about illustrations, and each of my pieces has a narative considered when I create it, whether obvious to the person viewing the image or not.

Caran Dache coloured pencils – review

Caran Dache pencils

CaranDache coloured pencils are top artist quality pencils which are of a Swiss brand, they are, without doubt, the best coloured pencils I have used. Some of the best things about them are that they layer nicely with other mediums like ProMarker pens or watercolour paints so they can be used to add small details which a brush or marker pen can’t fill in; they have bold pigments so you don’t have to press too hard to achieve nice results which makes a difference from cheap coloured pencils which often dent the page more than they colour it in; the pencils are hard wearing so don’t need to be sharpened as often as other brands, meaning they’re longer lasting, and, finally, they blend easily and can be smudged for smoother blends between colours.

These, and Promerker pens, are my two favoured mediums to use when creating art. Coloured pencil has always been one I used often, but Caran Dache became a favourite to use within minutes of first trying them out, my favourite thing about them is how nicely they layer up and blend to form different tones of colours and shades to show shadows and highlights on an image.


(image found: http://www.johannas-art.com/index.php/caran-d-ache-pablo)

ProMarker pens – review

image.jpgLetraset ProMarkers are a UK brand of artist quality marker pens, in many ways similar to copic markers although cheaper and non-refillable.

I own two of the manga colour sets of these pens with the addition of individually brought grey and black, and I now use them as one of my two main mediums in my artwork.

Frm personal experience, I’ve found that the marker pens, although non-refillable, have a long life. The oldest pens of the ones I have are about a year old and, even with regular use, have yet to run out or need replacing.

The colours in the pens are bold and stand out which is what most appeals to me about them, they often give a paint-like effect to artwork. The colour of then no, unsurprisingly, doesn’t match the label of the pen exactly, so I found it best to create a colour chart to use as reference, but this is something I’d reccomend doing with any material to get a more accurate representation of the colours.

the blender oen that comes with thsetsI have can be difficult to use, but once you get th hang of it, it gives a smoother look to the colour blends which is appealing to look at and seems more professional.

The markers, like most, are known to bleed on paper and special promarker paper is recommended, I however, have found that artist quality paper of weight 135gsm works well with the pens and had minimal bleed from the ink. The pens work effectively on their own or, as I discovered through experimentation, as a base layer of colour with coloured pencil layered on top for added texture and more colour blending.

In my opinion, these pens are of excellent quality and are great for making bold illustrations.

Masashi Kishimoto – artist

imageKishimoto is the author and artist of the famous manga Naruto. He is Japanese and grew up admiring other manga artists and improving his art skills by drawing from the work of those he admired.

Kishimoto uses Copic markers pens when he creates coloured artwork, and it’s from looking at his Naruto illustration book in which the images are coloured in these pens that I was inspired to try Promarker Pens – now one of my favourite mediums – to try and replicate the smooth blends and bold colours.

Kishimoto is the artist I am most inspired by, both because of his artwork and because of his dedication to his style, continuing with his work despite several rejections and multiple set-backs which I find very admiring, as well as the fact that he started out drawing by copying from existing artwork in front of him which is the same method I used to learn to draw and imrpove my skills until I could create my own artwork in my own individual developed style.

Marvel’s Thor film


“Thor” is one of my favourite movies for a few reasons. My fascination with mythology, especially Norse, being one of them. I love the way the characters are portrayed, and how the ‘bad guy’, Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) is shows to have a past and a reason for what he does to get revenge on his brother Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth). Loki is both my favourite character in the film and the God in Norse Mythology that I’m most interested in.

I often find that Loki is misrepresented in many things about Norse Myhology. He is often said to be evil and the villain of the sTories, but whilst he has three titles “God of mischief”, “God of chaos” and “God of lies”, not one of those suggests to me that he is evil, which is one reason why the Marvel representation of Loki appeals to me: his deterioration into darkness and the reason for it are all shown on screen.

To me, the backstory of a character is one of the most important things about them, it’s what shapes them into who they are, I always try to consider that when I make my own characters, whether in art or in stories, so it’s nice to see it done so well in a movie I both love and find very inspirational.


(image found: http://marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com/wiki/Thor_%28film%29)

Colour inspiration

One of the most overlooked things about the world around us, I think, are it’s colours. I never really thought much about it until I heard a conversation about colourblind artists, and it made me think. One of the most appealing things about art, to me, is it’s colours. I like work with bold colour, not necessarily bright, but bold and clear rather than faded and pale. Although this does conteast my love of manga, typically read in black and white, but I find the use of grayscale and markmaking appealing in place of the colour in the images as it allows your mind to fill in colours yourself based on the different Gray tones used.

My favourite time of day is evening because of the colours of the sky at sunset and dusk. I find it fascinating to watch the sunset and how it changes the colours in the sky gradually, and how no two sun sets are ever the same. Whilst I don’t particularly enjoy drawing or painting landscapes or scenes from the world around me, preferring fantasy and imaginative illustrations, I draw a lot of inspiration from the colours and tones I see in the world and in art.