The Stephen Friedman Gallery

The Stephen Friedman gallery is another independent gallery in London. The artwork inside resembled cross-stitches at first glance and from a disance, very intricate and large cross-stitches of buildings and scenery such as fields and villages. The cross-stitch look is an illusion however, because even though the artwork appears to be material, when looking closer it’s actually designs made up purely of crosshatch mark making to create both tone and design.

Personally I’m too impatient to be able to sit for any length of time making a large scale piece of artwork with markmaking methods, but I have huge respect for the artist who created these as they are incredible creations which resemble photographs because of how detailed they are. I can connect to the way tone was created though as the crosshatch method is one used in manga to show where the shadows are on the character, so this is a method I use myself when working in black and whire on manga illustrations although in a much more simplistic manner.


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