Saatchi Gallery

DSC01720Architecture is definitly one of my weaknesses when it comes to drawing from my imagination but to me that weakness just makes looking at physical architecture more exciting. It’s not something I ever really thought about before starting my art foundation course, just something that I took for granted. Now though, I keep finding myself looking at buildings of all kinds as I pass them and studying their shapes and how your perspective changes how you might draw the lines.

One of my favourite things about the Saachi gallery in Sloane Square, London is the entrance. It’s grand with stone pillars and a huge arch-way which gives the impression of an important building and makes it impossible to walk past without looking towards the pillars or entrance.

There were lots of pieces of art in the gallery I liked and just as many i disliked. One I really didn’t like was a small pyramid-like tower made of takeaway boxes. To me this isn’t art and definitly doesn’t belong in a gallery. I mean, we’ve all at one point or another made (or attempted to make) card towers, but those have never ended up in a gallery, so why should the same tower just made with boxes (which are easier to balance than cards) be displayed? I did like the Tarot Cards by Jamie Hewlett though. I loved the colours mostly and the way each piece stood as both an individual and as part of a cooled tion and had a very illustrative feel to it. I personally found them very inspiring.


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