Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare before christmasHaving been told repeatedly I should watch Tim Burtons “Nightmare Before Christmas” I finally did exactly that! It’s not the sort of film I would normally watch but I found it fairly enjoyable considering that. I liked the use of colour in the film. In each zone the colours make it really clear rights from the start of the scene where the location is. Halloween Town, obviously, has a dark colour palette with the brightest colours being dull oranges and greens. Christmas Town’s colour scheme is bright and appealing with stereotypical themes and colours and the ‘human world’ is a mixture of loads of different colours, so even without a name given it’s clear that the scene takes place in our world. The colours schemes alongside Tim Burtons distinctive and unique style made the film enjoyable for me to watch despite it not being a film I would normally choose. To me, it’s proof of how important it is to choose details like colours carefully so the audience can pick up on things without unnecessary explanations having to be given.


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